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Never do a Hit’n’Run in Brasil

videoOtherwise you might find yourself also confronted with a gun. This hap-
pened in Brasil where a younster with a (fake?) gun forced a biker to
dismount his vehicle. The driver’s helmet camera took the whole thing.
Some racing, the hit’n’Run and the car driver who “helped” the driver.

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When 30US$ meat cost you 50 years jail…

Some people tend to collide with the U.S. government
in a harsh way. This guy for instance got a real hard penalty
as he has stolen prime ribs valued for 30 (thirty!) US$. Now
you may ask what lets the U.S. government judge so hard
for meat at this compared low value…

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The Pros and the Rookies – Today: ATMs

If you ever wondered, why some robbers are in prison for strange thefts,
this story tells one of these strange stories. A bar got cracked up and the
robbers wanted to nab the installed ATM. However they took the wrong
machine – and got the jukebox instead. Much effort for almost nothing!

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Don’t do this with a stolen iPhone!

iPhone-thefts are as old as the iPhone itself. Steve Job’s breakthrough on the
smartphone market introduced a smartphone with touchscreen and arose
the other manufacturers to issue their new gadgets with touchscreen also.
With the release of iCloud however, iPhone theft got more difficult for thieves.

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Funny stuff… for the friday!

To sweeten up the beginning of the weekend for all of you, I am presenting you another
funny video bit I discovered on YouTube.
If you take time to chop a tree in order to steal a bike, then, for heaven’s sake,
check, if you’re alone there and don’t do it when you’re being watched!!!

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