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The day after…

The storm is over but the real disaster is just now visible. The following pics
show what Sandy has left. And if you think, a giant city like New York is safe
against mother nature, well… think again! All pictures are copyright of their
respective owners.

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The weather goes crazy…

While in Switzerland snow dominates the current weather situation, the east
coast of the USA is facing a big tropical hurricane. Sandy, as the monster is
called is approaching and the people in New York expect massive damage.
As a result of the storm, most shops and even the Wall Street stay closed.

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The sun and it’s dazzling surface

The sun for most of us is nothing more than a big glaring ball in the sky that
spends light, warmth and sunburns. However with the right equipment, you
will see things on the surface of the un that simply is stunning. The satellite
“SDO” has spotted and filmed a firestorm on September 25th, 2011.

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Wintertime, Snow, storm and rain

The weather in Switzerland could not be more different. While villages in higher regions
are almost cut off from the rest of the country due to heavily snow-blocked roads, in
other regions a storm called “Andrea” brought rain and heavy winds up to 110 mph
(180 km/h). The result: metres of snow and heavy damage in other villages.

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Hurricane Irene at the east coast of USA

While news have spread the word, a hurricane is on it’s way to the upper east coast of
the USA. They say that the storm is a category 3 storm that may also reach category 4.
With 1300 km diameter (that’s pretty large if you ask me!) it is also dangerous to a large
area. Well… in New York and New Jersey, there’s big evacuation and alert!

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