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Seagate goes SSD

SeagateSeagate, known for it’s classic hard drives seems to have it, being the
Loner not to deliver SSD drives. As of today, Seagate announces the
release of it’s 600-series SSD drives, which are available in 120, 240
and 480 GB capacity, equipped with MFC 19nm chips from Toshiba.

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SSD selftest: I did it!

So finally I decided to updated my rig with a SSD. The reason? Well, although
my rig fired up in under one minute, I thought: Hey, can I give it some more
power? So the SSD was the next object to put on my wishlist. But wait, there
was something when I tried to give my netbook an update…

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Western Digital with 7mm 2.5″ HDDs

It seems as if Western Digital wants to break antoher barrier. The new 7mm
drives come in 320GB and 500GB sizes and allow Ultrabook-Manufacturers
to offer more HDD capacity in their devices. Besides that, the drives are also
said to fit snuggly into 9mm bays. Another win for the HDD primus?

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CES: LTE, thin smartphones, Ultrabooks

The CES has opened their doors in las Vegas some days ago and interesting
items have already been shown. So has Victorinox, manufacturer of the
legendary swiss army knife, shown a prototype of a 1TB-USB-Knife.
HP shows it’s Envy 14, a 14-inch-size Ultrabook, Huawei a 6.2mm thin phone.

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