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No ACTA in Europe!

The EU parliament has finally decided not to ratify ACTA in Europe.
ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), currently enrolled in the
USA, was supposed to be the death of democracy and a, mildly expressed,
hidden way to allow the USA to control worldwide how piracy is handled.

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GB to censor the web!

So it’s official! Five big providers have been forced by the High Court of Great
Britain to lock access to the famous Pireate bay site, a site containing links to
torrent files that allow establishing network links to a specific file among
various clients. An example for de-centralized file distribution.

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CISPA now active!

The house of Representatives have now agreed to the CISPA with 248 against
168 votes. 15 haven’t been counted. CISPA (aka. Cyber Intelligence Sharing
and Protection Act) allows governmental institutions and businesses to share
private data from persons all over. So if you had ruffle with the CIA, your…

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Another setback for SOPA

So anorher early SOPA-Fighter has left the copyright-fanatic army. Paul
Brigner, who has initially been engaged by the music and movie content
industry to enforce the rollout of SOPA, finally turned against it when he got
laid off his position again.

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No Two-Strikes-Rules at german ISPs!

It seems as if german internet users still don’t have to fear a two strikes rule as
it is already applied in France or Great Britain. German ISPs don’t want to spy
on their users and inform them about copyright infringement. This seems to be
a severe Drawback for ACTA. Especially 1&1 as the biggest ISP is against it!

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The english Wikipedia is in fact offline!

According to the blog entry from yesterday (read here), Wikipedia has indeed
put Wikipedia into blackout. Where you would usually see the main page of
Wikipedia, there’s now a black page criticizing the new legislation about SOPA
copyright and the attempt to put the free internet “behind bars”.

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SOPA, USA, Copyright and Wikipedia

How do these words relate, you ask? Well… it sems as if the mayor members of
the  Copyright Association have finally decided to push thorugh the SOPA.
SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and in this Act, there are several points
to censor the internet in many ways. Not only in the USA but worldwide!

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