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Oh, sweet jimminee. – 2 TB at it’s smallest!

SAMSUNGOnce more it seems as if the end of HDD isn’t reached yet. Have we stated,
that Western Digital has brought out a 12.5mm HDD with 2TB capacity.
Now it seems as if Samsung (also part of HGST/WD now…) has managed
to squeeze 2 TB into a 9.5mm high HDD case which is just amazing.

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November 19, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Possibly smallest Train?

Sure… it seems to be a classical fake but it think, it is a good one. So if you hate waiting
at a railroad crossing, then this train might be your dream. However this being a fake, in
Washington D.C. there is a study ongoing for a public mass transit system that consists of
many tiny individual capsules. Sounds interesting but won’t come true before 2025, probably!

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