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CES 2013 – Memory gone smaller – again!

So, the CES allows us to see what we will get in the next year. Even in the
computing sector we have new things to expect. Kingston, known for
memory chips finally brings out a 1TB memory stick to carry a whole bunch
of data around with you. Although the price tag of over 1’000 US$ is high…

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iPad, Ultrabook, Netbook, Notebook…

Just today, when I’ve commented a new blog from Rosiv, I noticed that this
was also a critic review on how time has changed about mobile hardware and
what we can do with it there and now. Would anyone remind how he/she has
worked mobile 10 years ago? See for yourself when you read this blog.

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SIM, Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM, Nano-SIM…

You all know these Cards you need to have in order to activate your cell phone.
While the first cards had a size of 85.6x54mm, as the phones of earlier times
were ridiculously big and heavy, modern smartphones happen to need smaller
and smaller cards. The current smallest factor is Micro-SIM.

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