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The “invisible” Playstation 4

So there it was… the presentation of the new Playstation 4. But unlike Apple,
Sony did not show the actual device in completion, only the new controller
and some tech demos on what the new console may be able to show. Also
the timeline is very tight as Holiday season 2013 usually means Christmas.

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FFMPEG 1.0 universal codec is out now!

The search for the right codec to play back a video file is always a big
hassle. That’s where FFMPEG kicked in and is part of many codec packs.
Also as encoder, the FFMPEG codec library could be universally used.
However the decoder and demuxer have received more changes.

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Funny intermezzo at MTV EMA 2011!

Well… the MTV Europe Music Award 2011 has been done and the stars have
been awarded. While Hayden Pannetiere, known from “Heroes” has announced
the winners, a desperate fan of her had the glorious idea to rush the stage bare
naked. I still wonder why there was no Security to stop him…

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LED, Halloween and a house front…

Weirdstuff you can find on Youtube. In this case it deals with Halloween which
is a rich-celebrated holiday in the USA. Were standard jackolanterns the his-
torical lighting methods for housefronts and far from spectacular, so has LED
become an interesting place there now. The video says more then 1000 words!

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Conan O’Brien makes fun of Apple!

It seems as if Apple also is being mocked by local comedians. In the following
video, Conan O’Brien, a famous talkmaster, comedian and television host, has
brought up a video on Apple’s recent report that a prototype of the new long
awaited iPhone had been left in a tequila bar in California.

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