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Swimming power plants

What sounds like SciFi or an element of SimCity, isn’t just some fiction.
A turkish power company has specialized in decentralized engery delivery
and has floating power plants in their repository. Big vessels, with a length
of 145 metres (over 500ft) and 46 metres width…

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April 15, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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How large ships are built (timelapse)

Ever wondered how these huge freight carriers, which have a length of more
than 1000 feet, are built and then watered? Then you should watch this 75
seconds timelapse and your question should be answered. Maersk and a
shipyard in Korea have built the largest freight carrier, recording the result.

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The Costa Concordia – swimming town.

As time goes by, even transportation advances. Faster, bigger, more luxurious.
That’s what the transportation is aiming for. The Costa Concordia, that has hit gound at
Giglio island, is one of the most modern luxury liners that have been built. Nearly one
billion dollars expensive, that ship was able to hold 6000 passengers and 2000 crewmen.

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Drunken ship crew hit nuclear submarine

Maybe funny, maybe not. But this one just came into my mailbox sent by one of my
best friends. (Thanks Christopher for this one!). It seems as the crew of a fishing ship
was so drunken that they didn’t notice the submarine being at surface firing
signal rockets. The reason why the ship has hit the submarine without slowing…

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September 22, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Stop-motion video records: Gulp! & Dot!

Today I saw an amazing stop-motion video on youtube after 20 Minuten has
announced a new record. Why is it so special, you may ask… Well, it has been shot
from a big pole crane 40m above ground using cell phones. Yep, you read right,
cell phones! (Nokia N8 to be exact). The same crew also made the smallest one!

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