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EA and the hotline…

So there we have it. The new SimCity didn’t have a lucky start. Time for EA to act
and give all loyal buyers a free game for the initial problems, SimCity was prone
to. Okay, the mail from EA tells it is very easy to claim the free game. Just log in
to origin, launch the “Featured tab” and grab the desired free game.

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This is Google (better say: their serverfarms)

Ever wondered how google is processing your search requests or how your
video demands on YouTube are served? Well, till now, there were no official
pictures on the ‘net about the inside looks of Google’s computing centers.
Till now. Google has oficially put together a gallery about their holy cow.

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November 4, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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MegaUpload relaunch in January 2013?

It seems as if “Kim Dotcom” is still active and going to show the copyright
holders the big middle finger after the imprisonment that happened in 2012
against him in new Zealand. As for now, he is free again and planning to bring
up a new, improved Megaupload service. What it will be, is yet unknown.

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A day with Deutsche Bahn…

…or: An instruction how to learn to hate the service of Deutsche Bahn. It all
began with a planned trip to Munich from Bern. No problem. Just take the
14:02 train from Bern to Zurich HB and then switch trains to Munich Central
station. 5h42m travel time and less hassle with train switching… WRONG!

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