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iOS 6.1.3 available – Fix of the leak?

It is now over a month since the security leak is known that allows thieves
On March 6th, 6.1.2 has been released but not adressing the issue yet. Now
iOS 6.1.3 shall do, what two other releases haven’t done yet. Stop access to
sensitive data without having to deal with the device code.

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Onlinebanking insecure using smartphones?

Onlinebanking using the smartphone seems smart. That’s why some hackers
have brought out a trojan virus for Android devices which is capable of
tracing the mTAN. This mTAN is necessary for authorizing payments over
the internet. Usually mTAN should be secure but with this trojan, it ain’t!

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New Samsung TV devices endangered?

It looks grim for Samsung’s most actual TV devices that also offer network
capabilities and streaming. It seems as if there’s a way to completely defeat
your TV set or blu-ray player simply by placing invalid chars into a control
data packet from Android and iDevices. The result: A non-working device!

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