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SanDisk announces microSDHC U1

Once more SanDisk is about to set a milestone when it comes to memory
card technology. Today, Sandisk has announced that the first microSDHC
U1 cards for high-end mobile devices are ready to be published. At a read
speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of approx 80MB/s they’re really fast!

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June 20, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Sandisk finally did it… too!

Remember when I posted about the first SDXC microSD card from Lexar in
June this year? Finally my favourite memory card manufacturer seems to
have done the same and announces these little giant cards as well. At a MSRP
of about 219 US$ / 159 € / 199 CHF these cards are fair calculated.

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