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Apple vs. Samsung – Next fight!

Let’s look back: What happened? Apple has sued Samsung for violating design patents
So Apple won the fight and the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now prohibited until further
notice. Today, it seems as if Samsung vows revenge for this and started suing Apple in
France – also for violating patents in the cell phone transmission sector.

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Apple vs. Samsung – T.K.O.!

Bad news for people in Europe who wanted to get hands on Samsung’s new tablet,
the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Today the german court has dismissed Samsung’s case
against the sale prohibition of the Galaxy tab. The court reviewed the complete
case and finally found that Samsung did not hold the necessary distance to Apple

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Has Apple gone berzerk?

I’ve read good news about Apple, I’ve read bad news about Apple, I often
agree with Apple when they sue copycats, I hate it when they try to save
their monopoly on tablets by sueing Samsung using patents that are tri-
vial. But today is the day where Apple has finally lost my respect!

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