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Mailmen and their frustration…

Home owners in Russia, watch this and be advised: A missing mailbox can
cause you lots of trouble paying glaziers for repairing your door and your
insurance company wouldn’t be too happy either. However this mailman
couldn’t deliver the mail. So a new mailbox has been created instantly.

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Don’t mess with this bus driver!

Being cut in line on the road is a big annoyance, especially when you drive
a bigger vehicle that isn’t capable of breaking instantly. A bus driver from
Zelenograd decides for his passengers and simply crashes into cars cutting
his line. Some videos show that he’s the “Teacher of teachers”.

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Breaking news: Meteor has hit the earth!

What sounds like a polt to a B-SciFi-Movie got real today. A meteor has hit
earth today in the morning. Parts have hit the ground at Lake Cherbakul.
The touchdown was so hefty that the shock wave has burst many windows
and hurt approximately 1000 people so far. Some videos show the meteor.

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Never rob a trucker in Russia!

If you ever considered robbing a trucker in Russia, you’d better watch this
video and reconsider. Because truckers aren’t as helples as you may think,
even if they have a tire flat broke. These guys from Russia scented a potential
victim and harrassed the trucker. Too bad that the trucker knew of CB radio!

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December 26, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Tom&Jerry censored by Putin

Nothing much to laugh for kids in the russian Federation. All in the name
of saving their children from “bad influence”. What sounds sort of crazy
has become true just recently in Russia. Besides Tom and Jerry, there are
already The Simpsons off the Air and Winnie The Poo Bear.

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Driving in Russia – Lucky dude!

Again on the Road in Russia. This time, a rig driver thought, he’d change
driving direction on the go and makes an U-Turn at the most unfitting
position/situation. Not looking what the counter traffic does, can be very
dangerous. This video shows, what happens when two rigs collide.

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Don’t leave your dog’s poo back!

Dog poo can be very annoying. In most citis there’s no obey to clean the
dogs’ poo away. So if you’re not watching your step carefully, you’ll find
yourself stepping into dog poo. Smelly and not very comfy feeling! Also
the smell ain’t charming the nose! Time for revenge.

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July 12, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Driving in Russia… – Part 2

I have already posted some videos, how dangerous driving in Russia can be.
This video is no exception and goes one step further. I guess You all know the
zipper scheme when you are on a two-lane intersection. slow down your car,
let the car next to you slip in between. But what happens if you don”t give in?

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Extreme cold wave from Russia

It seems that the winter finally wants to show teeth to us. Has the January been too warm
(approx. 4 degrees over the average meridian), so are temperatures rarely breaking the
-10 degrees barrier in the upcoming days. Metereologists say it isn’t too uncommon for
February to be that cold, however it is uncommon after such a warm January.

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So… that was the September…

The last day of September is nearing end and quite a lot has happened. I was able to visit
the Oktoberfest 2011, I managed quite a lot tasks at work and my effort there got honored.
The October will also be interesting as I am about to celebrate my 33rd birthday and a
good friend of mine is coming. Unfortunately the other one is unable to come due to…

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Drunken ship crew hit nuclear submarine

Maybe funny, maybe not. But this one just came into my mailbox sent by one of my
best friends. (Thanks Christopher for this one!). It seems as the crew of a fishing ship
was so drunken that they didn’t notice the submarine being at surface firing
signal rockets. The reason why the ship has hit the submarine without slowing…

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Putin, a brave man and publicity

How do these three relate to each other, you may ask? Well, today I stumbled over an
interesting video again! But before telling about the details on this video, the epilogue
why that video has been made and what’s the idea behind. The man who shot the video
had a talk with Putin and Putin has stated that he wants to be in touch with the people.

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Video of the day…

Russia is always known to have curious things… but when you expect a water tap to spend
water but instead “drinks” the water out of your glass, then you can say, it’s somewhat
strange. However I am not yet able to say what causes the tap to “drink” the water but I
think, there might be some check on the house’s water pipes and the guy is sitting floors

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June 15, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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