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When a robber meets a bully shop owner…

oscar-icon-64If the numbers wouldn’t tell that it is a real surveillance video, one could
think of a Bud Spencer movie. A robber and his friend are stopping outside
a little convenience store in Brasil to rob it. But the robber didn’t seem
to be very successful at the end. The video is really self-explaining.

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Lessons for Thieves: Gas station is a no-no!

Ther e are situations when money is needed. And thieves are most creative
when it comes to achieving the goal of filling the hole in the pocket with
money. Some try to break in (and fail), others try to rip out the entire ATM
(and got caught), these guys thought, let’s do a gas station with an ATM!

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The Pros and the Rookies – Today: ATMs

If you ever wondered, why some robbers are in prison for strange thefts,
this story tells one of these strange stories. A bar got cracked up and the
robbers wanted to nab the installed ATM. However they took the wrong
machine – and got the jukebox instead. Much effort for almost nothing!

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Never rob a trucker in Russia!

If you ever considered robbing a trucker in Russia, you’d better watch this
video and reconsider. Because truckers aren’t as helples as you may think,
even if they have a tire flat broke. These guys from Russia scented a potential
victim and harrassed the trucker. Too bad that the trucker knew of CB radio!

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