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Fun with signs

When you’re around in America, the streets are often trailed with signs.
Not often however do they contain funny texts on them as there was some
discrepancy between the shop owner and the clerk upon the sign change.
But not ony shopkeepers get funny signs!

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February 27, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Tumbleweed and their roadblock ability

Known usually from western films in silent situations, these rolling bushes
also known as tumbleweed, seem to have developed an ability to block the
road. This phenomenon is seen when the tumbleweed plants get mature and
detach from the roots. blown away by wind, they roll and spread their seed.

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Something you don’t see often!

20 MinutenWhile reading on my favourite news portal again I found something stunning but
also funny. Radar posts. Hated by all car and motorcycle drivers as they mean
only one thing: Loss of money again. In the following image, the police of
Neuch√Ętel would probably have gaped when they analyzed the pictures shot!

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October 9, 2011Netspark 1 Comment »
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Fun with road signs…

You probably know these giant text boards that give drivers in USA informations about
dangers and other obstacles on the road or when something important is broadcasted on
radio. Somehow these signs lack of security from being hacked. Reason enough for some
guys to use this security leak to have fun. The results make you grin at minimum…

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