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Nintendo and Sony – The results!

Nintendo and Sony – archrivals since the very beginning of the game console
era. Even now it seems as if Nintendo seems to be much more successful as
these figures underline: While the PS Vita is sold 3 million times, the 3DS has
been sold 22 million times. A factor of 7 to 1 for Nintendo.

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PS3 goes 3rd gen

The Playstation 3 is now over 6 years old, yet it seems to be a very reliable
and profitable multimedia gaming station for Sony. And so it’s not very
surprising, that Sony has announced another “redesign” of the PS3. Slimmer,
lighter and a breezy new design anno 2012 is the motto.

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Chime Super Deluxe for PS3

Today I am writing about a new Game I discovered in the PSN store. So
I downloaded the demo to play it for some time and see if I like it. It
took approx 30 minutes of gaming and I decided to spend 15 CHF
for the game as it is really catching and making you play several hours.

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