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We’re in the money… we’re in the money…

It seems as if the USA have only one option to evade the debt crisis. Allow
more debts. The republicans have proposed, that the debt border line shall
be expanded with no limit until May, 18th to buy more time to find a way out
of the debt crisis. Is this the right way? Interesting is another passus.

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Zynga more and more in the crisis?

It seems as if the new year ain’t starting well for Zynga, which is famous for
some games in Facebook, amonst them Zynga Poker, Farmville and other
microecologically touched games that require the purchase of virtual goods
to gain advantages over freeplay gamers.

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Downtime of my Blog

Hello people, my blog is back again. The downtime has based on the lack of
ability to process a payment for the webspace between two banks. After some
haggling and several phone calls, the two banks were finally able to process
my transaction without any unwanted surprises. Now I have peace for 1 year!

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Security issues with WhatsApp

It seems as if WhatsApp Has also attracted the attention of hackers. An
Android App called WhatsApp Sniffer allows tapping of conversations
between users on the same network as the hacker is on with his device.
Google has already put down the App from the AppMarket.

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