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Samsung vs. LG

It seems as if Samsung has trouble with almost every bigger company that
seals with electronics. Now it’s LG who has sent inspectors to the offices of
Samsung to search for patent violations. LG states that it is a bit odd that
Samsung is releasing big-size OLEDs nearly at the same time as LG does.

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DisplayWeek – All new for 2012/2013

This year’s DisplayWeek tradefair is also interesting as it brings up brandnew
stuff from all display manufacturers. It seems as if the statement is clear:
Sharper, thinner, brighter. All nameful brands are showing their latest inven-
tions and also give examples how these new displays will change our life.

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Samsung got spied out on OLED

As it got official, Samsung Display Corp. was victim of industry leakage.
A worker from an competitor has sent out information about the OLED
Production process at Samsung. For 170.000 dollars the spy has given
valuable information about OLED production to the rival company.

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LG shows 4mm-thin 55″ OLED TV on CES

It seems as if LG wants to bring new excitement into homecineasts’ homes
At least the newest addition of LG will let the hearts of many of us beat faster:
With a diamenter of 55 inches, a thicknes of only 4mm and a weight of about
15lbs (7.5 kg) the TV sets new records.

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