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USA, NSA and the Spying (Part 2)

NSASpyHere we go again, and it looks bad for Germany to process an Anti-Spy-Act
with the USA. Susan Rice has officially stated that the USA are NOT willing
to give a non-spying warranty in the future and thus create a precedence
case for other countries to demand such from the USA.

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And Google plays Bouncer to NSA

keyholeNSAWhen “Providers” get fed up with customer-unfriendly methods of the NSA,
they start mocking up. In this case, Google has decided to lock out the NSA
from sniffing the communication between Google’s server farms. Google
announced to encrypt their traffic between the data centers.

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The USA and NSA – A parody

gif_64x64_d6a471The recent spying actions and scandals of the USA and NSA are drawing
their circles. Not only are several countries sort of pissed off being spied
on, no it is also the fact that Barack Obama is still defending the attitude
that it is perfectly okay to “monitor” allies’ operations and actions.

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USA, NSA, BND and Orwell!

mib_128Most people have denied the existence of total surveillance. George Orwell
has predicted it in the late 40’s when his novel 1984 was released. Just after
the public rumors that have been yielded due to Edward Snowden’s reveals
we really see ourselves confronted with Orwells perspectives nowadays.

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Cell network carriers not liable for wiretap

The Ninth Circuit Court for Appeals in the USA has put down a lawsuit of many private
persons who have filed for a lawsuit against Cell network carriers who allow the NSA to
tap the line of customers without prior notice and without a definite suspected case.
It seems, the NSA still holds tight to their right to spy on innocent people!

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