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Microsoft got the green flag for Nokia

nokiaSo… finally the US cartel authority has given green lights for Microsoft to
take over Nokia’s cellphone business. With a total sum of 3.6 billion US$
and additional 1.45 billion US$ for patents held by Nokia today, the deal
is also okay for the european cartel authority in Brussels.

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And Nokia still builds great phones!

nokiaIf it has ever been a concern to you if Nokia is outdoors capable, this story
might help you build a better opinion. So has a swedish man picked up a
Lumia 800 from the ground of a lake which resided 3 months down there.
Freeing it from mud and other dirt and let it dry has shown: It still works!

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Nokia’s Live Event in Abu Dhabi

nokiaIs this the last bunch of devices branded “Nokia”? – The currently finished
Live event has brought up six new devices for us to expect in the near
future. Beginning the sales in the USA, the EMEA will see most of them in
early 2014. So let’s have a close look, what’s coming on to us!

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Nokia kills SymbianOS and Meego

nokiaNokia more and more combines with Microsoft. Another big indicator
for this is the closure of SymbianOS and Meego. While the step for Meego
is somehow understandable (the N9 is the last phone using Meego!), the
closure of SymbianOS is a bit odd since all LowCost-Nokias use it!

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Blackberry no longer independent!

bblogoIt seems, that more and more veterans of the cellphone industry are
about to die. Just recently it has become public that Microsoft is taking
over the smartphone division from Nokia. So the time we see
smartphones from Nokia are over. Now Blackberry is going to fall.

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Nokia wins patent fight over HTC

It seems as if HTC didn’t have much luck against Nokia. Nokia seems to have
located a special microphone design in HTC’s new phone “One” which has
been exclusively designed for Nokia and has also been patented by Nokia.
A court in the Netherlands there fore have issued an injuction against HTC.

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The Nokia Lumia 920 – Review

When it comes to Nokia, most of us think of the glorious times, Nokia had
once in the mid to late 90’s with their legendary phones 6110, 6210, 6310
and initially with the communicator series. Also other phones of Nokia were
innovative. With the iPhone release in 2007, the fall of Nokia has begun.

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Nokia goes Apple – Stylewise that is!

It seems as if the Nokia Lumia 920 is a big success. Based on this, Nokia is
most likely presenting a successor completely aluminum-hulled. The only
problem of the aluminum hull might be theGSM/UMTS/LTE signal, NFC
and induction charging. But for now, nothing else is known about the tech.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 first with 8-core SoC?

Just as the first quadcore devices hit stores for everyone, Samsung’s plans
leaked that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 could be one of the first mobile
devices equipped with an 8-core CPU. Natively we speak of two 4-core CPUs
as octocore SoCs are not yet available or designed to a working state.

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And they keep faaaaaalling…

It seems as if Cupertino’s darling is in big crisis as the stock shares keep
falling in value. Noting at 538 US$ at the moment of this article being written,
there’s the question when the Apple share will stop sinking so rapidly. Just
today, China Mobile announced that it will enlist the Nokia Lumia 620.

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Nokia back on track with the Lumia 920?

While many people think, Nokia’s dead, it seems as if Nokia brings up a
new smartphone with Windows 8 Mobile. Slim, sleek and fast, that’s what
the Lumia 920 is said to be. But is the newest phone really the resue for
the already-buried Nokia company?

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The best smartphone ever and Siri

When it comes to Siri, you remember the iPhone 4S introducing this feature.
You can ask Siri any question and most of them are adequately answered.
The question about “Will you marry me” for example is being answered with
“Sorry, but my Terms of use do not cover marriage”.

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Nokia about to release Windows 8 Tab?

Seems as if Nokia has great plans: As Windows Mobile 8 becomes a success
more and more on the new Lumia series, Nokia seems to have decided to
bring out a tablet with Windows 8 . However it’ll be hard competing against
Samsung and Apple who control 80% of the tablet market these days.

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Nokia on the way to 41 megapixels

Has Nokia changed it’s business and produces cameras now, you wonder? Not
likely! We talk here about an ordinary smartphone with Symbian Belle and a
Zeiss optics lens that should help producing pictures at a nominal resolution
of 38 MPixels (7152 × 5368) with an image sensor of total 41 MPixels.

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The telephone gets 150 years old!

Today, the phone gets 150 years old. Johann Philipp Reis, a german physicist and inventor
brought out a device that was able to transmit sound using an apparatus that simulates the
ear. The receiver is getting the emitted electric pulses from the sending unit that has a tube
to catch the sound. in 1861 he publicly presented his communication-invention.

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Google buys Motorola cell phones!

Google has bought Motorola’scell phone division for approx 12.5 billion US$!
With this purchase, Google plans to give Android more support in the cell phone
market. As Motorola is working together with Google for a longer time now, this
step was only a logical conclusion. The name Motorola will still exist though!

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