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Nintendo, Wii U and the USA

Wii U and controller unitThe Wii U will hit Stores tomorrow and it’s the most-expected console from
Nintendo since the Wii came out in 2005/2006. offering Full-HD and a con-
troller with a seperate display, there is room for a new dimension of gaming
The motion control already opened new worlds. Will the Wii U succeed?

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Nintendo and Sony – The results!

Nintendo and Sony – archrivals since the very beginning of the game console
era. Even now it seems as if Nintendo seems to be much more successful as
these figures underline: While the PS Vita is sold 3 million times, the 3DS has
been sold 22 million times. A factor of 7 to 1 for Nintendo.

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WiiU gets own online store!

It seems as if Nintendo plans an own Online store for the WiiU. This way, Nintendo follows
the steps of Microsoft and Sony. Talking about the XBox. The new XBox 720 should be more
powerful (30 times) as the XBox 360 and 6 times more powerful as the WiiU. However
the sale of used games will be prohibited so that your game is tied to your console.

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Nintendo did it again… finally!

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed their new game console, called the Wii U,
to the public on the E3 in Los Angeles.
What will come to us looks outrageously promising:

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