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Apple vs. Motorola – again!

It seems to be a black day for Apple. The courts in Germany have decided that Apple
violates a patent of Motorola that deals with GPRS. Apple still seems to be calm yet
announced to take further actions against the verdict. Apple also doesn’t see it’s christmas
business endangered although Apple is currently not allowed to release new devices.

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Apple vs. Motorola

Todays news hit Apple very hard: Motorola, holder of two patents, Apple is
violationg, has reached that the sale of iPhones is prohibited in Germany. As
the christmas sale is just around the corner, this is by far the worst news,
Apple could get these days. So which patents has Apple violated anyways?

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The telephone gets 150 years old!

Today, the phone gets 150 years old. Johann Philipp Reis, a german physicist and inventor
brought out a device that was able to transmit sound using an apparatus that simulates the
ear. The receiver is getting the emitted electric pulses from the sending unit that has a tube
to catch the sound. in 1861 he publicly presented his communication-invention.

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Google buys Motorola cell phones!

Google has bought Motorola’scell phone division for approx 12.5 billion US$!
With this purchase, Google plans to give Android more support in the cell phone
market. As Motorola is working together with Google for a longer time now, this
step was only a logical conclusion. The name Motorola will still exist though!

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