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WiiU gets own online store!

It seems as if Nintendo plans an own Online store for the WiiU. This way, Nintendo follows
the steps of Microsoft and Sony. Talking about the XBox. The new XBox 720 should be more
powerful (30 times) as the XBox 360 and 6 times more powerful as the WiiU. However
the sale of used games will be prohibited so that your game is tied to your console.

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Microsoft’s TellMe vs. Apple’s Siri

Seems, Microsoft is trying to bring out a similar feature, called TellMe, as Apple
has with Siri. However the successful recognition rate is far behind Apple’s Siri.
Now you could impute pro-Apple advertisement to me but I don’t need to do
any way of commercial advertisement for apple or the like. A video shows, why!

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Apple… you can’t be serious!

Apple has done many lawsuits in the past. And one was about their logo where
it was hard for me to find similarities that may infringe with patents or copy-
rights of the Apple company in Cupertino (read here). This time I think, they’ve
gone too far! A small tea room owner got sued for her logo she has patented.

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Microsoft going to get Skype?

It seems Microsoft is in need of a VoIP and Web-telephony specialist. The
purchase attempt of Microsoft to acquire Skype gives much to speculate as
Microsoft itself has a network-based telephony service called Lync (which I
was able to see in action also as it is being tested in our company.)

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Good year, bad year and Microsoft…

So the fiscal year for Microsoft has ended and the salaries are now known.
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has earned 682.000 US$ and additionally
a bonus of 682.000 US$ – Not much, eh? According to the 2010 annual

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A word about computers and their OS…

Todays’ market mainly consists of three good OSses, namely Windows, MacOSX
and Linux. Probably you may wonder why I am speaking of these today and what
I have noticed during the last 20 years in which I have worked with computers so
far. My insight shall clearly state that I am not favoring only one of these!

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