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VoilĂ  – The new Microsoft logo

Microsoft goes for a new logo. The new logo appears to be a close call to the
new Windows 8 operating system which is about to release in the upcoming
weeks. This is why the new logo is rather flat compared to the Windows XP or
Windows Seven logo.

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Half a billion US$ for advertisement?

What seems odd for most of us, seems normal for Microsoft. So it is known
to winfuture that Microsoft wants to make the switch to the new Metro
surface more delicate to the customers by putting up a rather high budget
for advertisement of Windows 8. But seriously: is this really necessary?

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July 10, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Windows 8 and no Start Button

A feature, many of us may have used since Windows 7/Vista. The new
start menu that enriches the users’ experience in launching programs and
searching for documents. According to some researches and analytics of
the customer experience program, this feature won’t be available in Win8.

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A real moving story about a faithful cat

Why write about a cat? Or even post a video about it. Cats are ordinary pets.
All good arguments and true but this feline is a real special one. This cat
brings her holder to a metro station in Melbourne and waits for her until
the evening. The whole day… and without any trouble. Heart-touching I say!

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Hurricane Irene at the east coast of USA

While news have spread the word, a hurricane is on it’s way to the upper east coast of
the USA. They say that the storm is a category 3 storm that may also reach category 4.
With 1300 km diameter (that’s pretty large if you ask me!) it is also dangerous to a large
area. Well… in New York and New Jersey, there’s big evacuation and alert!

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