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Toshiba’s MicroSDXC goes UHS-3

ToshUHS3mSDXCIcoAnd Toshiba shifts up the gear! It seems that speed is crucial even with
the smallest memory products. According to size and capacity, the
microSDXC memory chip still beats them all as SanDisk has recently
released it’s 128GB microSDXC card. So what’s new?

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Heartbleed – Or when the IT goes crazy

heartbleedSince the leak got public, every IT service provider is going crazy about
the heartbleed bug that is active with OpenSSL 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f. But what
exactly makes the heartbleed bug so dangerous? This website has com-
prehensive information available for those running OpenSSL.

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RAM, Storage and new lands to reach

seagate_enterprise_capacity_3.5_hdd_v4_01Long time, the IT seems to have slept the winter over in order to feed
us with new data storage gadgets. Seagate has announced a 6TB drive,
SanDisk has announced it’s 128GB microSDXC and Hynix seems to
have built the first 128GB(!) DDR4 memory stripe.

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SDXC CardOn the IFA, Toshiba has announced new memory cards
which shall break the 100MB/s limitation, today’s UHS-I
cards are actually facing. Although, there’s only a low
number of devices available which could demand…

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Lions are not tameable… – WRONG!

Lions are known to be wild beasts that can rip a fully-gron man into pieces
with ease. But what happens if a lion grows up in a human family and then
released into wilderness after many, many years? This video shows: Even
wild beasts have a memory and remember whom they can trust!

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Curiosities with well-equipped PCs

New computers are often a bliss. Sometimes it can be just annoying. While
upgrading my computer, I had to install some software from scratch as
important device drivers were just broken. One of the more annoying ones
are these from VIA. Had to manually delete them later as the setup failed.

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February 25, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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CES 2013 – Memory gone smaller – again!

So, the CES allows us to see what we will get in the next year. Even in the
computing sector we have new things to expect. Kingston, known for
memory chips finally brings out a 1TB memory stick to carry a whole bunch
of data around with you. Although the price tag of over 1’000 US$ is high…

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January 9, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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(micro)SDXC, XQD, CFast…

Memory cards exist in many flavors by now, We have SD, SDHC, microSD,
microSDHC, CF Type I/II, MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Micro etc.
The market has a wide spectrum of differend card formats and for almost
every device dealing with data. It’s time for one more thing (umm three)!

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Google and Samsung with Cloud services

And here are the next two big players offering cloud services. Google and
Samsung are about to release their services soon. Google Drive and S-Cloud
are their products and shall be the new competitors when it comes to
online storage services. Google Cloud has been announced yesterday.

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40 years Intel!

Today, Intel celebrates it’s 40th birthday. Exactly On November 15th, 1971,
the first Microprocessor with integrated circuitry has been publicly released.
With 2’300 transistors clocked at initially 108 kHz, later 0.7 MHz, the
processor was able to do 92’600 instructions per second.

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November 15, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Firefox in a new version available…

So… there we have it… the new version of Firefox… AGAIN! Not only have
I updated to Version 6 only 1 month ago, no, I also had to update all the
plugins as well and not every plugin has been transcoded to be compatible
with version 6 yet. I understand the frustration of users AND programmers!

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Sandisk finally did it… too!

Remember when I posted about the first SDXC microSD card from Lexar in
June this year? Finally my favourite memory card manufacturer seems to
have done the same and announces these little giant cards as well. At a MSRP
of about 219 US$ / 159 € / 199 CHF these cards are fair calculated.

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September 18, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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32GB – Top of space on microSD?

As you probably know, microSD cards are the smallest known memory cards ever available.
With its 15mmx11mm size at a thickness of 0.7mm it is very small and still these cards can
hold up to 32GB of data. Reading speeds of up to 20MB/s and Writing speeds of up to 16 MB/s
make these little fellas a very good alternative to conventional SD cards.

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