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NOW we know why alcohol gives headache!

videoThis guy seems to have had one (two, three… many!) too much and then tried
to impress someone who was actually filming this. The result is funny and
somehow I think for myself: Gee! I hope I wasn’t trying this myself while
bing heavily drunken…

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Man struck down by 46 bullets

During a fuilade, a man lost his life again by police power. 46 shots have been
fired. The police of Michigan stated that the man was considered a severe
threat to the officers and ready to stab the officers with the knife armed.
At current, the man’s body is obducted if he has been subject to drugs.

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NYPD officers shoot knife-armed man

When it comes to police and USA, you’d better know how to behave. One
man in New York hd the bad luck to face NYPD officers with an itchy
trigger finger and got shot. The problem: He was armed with a knife and
seems to have offended the officers. 12 bullets ended this man’s life!

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Bad luck and a fatal design error…

There are many strange goodies for us in stores. Some are rather useless, others are
just bizarre, another ones are ridiculous and again some are dangerous. The story
today shows that even common goodies in the household can become a dangerous
item. In this case a 38-years-old british man with two children died of such one.

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