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I don’t have E-Mail – Try to SPAM me!

You asked for it? Then you’ll get it! This female postman from Singapore
has specialized in delivering adverts (or Information?) in a very effective
and efficient way. So when you thing, not having an E-Mail saves you from
SPAM, then you’d better reconsider your thoughts. Incredible!

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Mailmen and their frustration…

Home owners in Russia, watch this and be advised: A missing mailbox can
cause you lots of trouble paying glaziers for repairing your door and your
insurance company wouldn’t be too happy either. However this mailman
couldn’t deliver the mail. So a new mailbox has been created instantly.

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HTC – The new source of data leaks?

It seems, the newer phones from this taiwanese manufacturer seem to suffer
from an immense security leak that allows spying on your personal data you
probably want to know safe and sound by any means. It seems, HTC has a
program package installed that allows gathering information out of your…

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October 4, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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My first day at work again…

Today I started my work again after a relaxing 3 weeks vacation. Nothing serious
seemed to happen during my absence. So i fired up my desktop and waited for it to
complete it’s bootup (whick takes a mere 5 minutes to complete). So finally the
computer was up and I fired up my Outlook which took another 3 minutes…

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