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Microsoft got the green flag for Nokia

nokiaSo… finally the US cartel authority has given green lights for Microsoft to
take over Nokia’s cellphone business. With a total sum of 3.6 billion US$
and additional 1.45 billion US$ for patents held by Nokia today, the deal
is also okay for the european cartel authority in Brussels.

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And Nokia still builds great phones!

nokiaIf it has ever been a concern to you if Nokia is outdoors capable, this story
might help you build a better opinion. So has a swedish man picked up a
Lumia 800 from the ground of a lake which resided 3 months down there.
Freeing it from mud and other dirt and let it dry has shown: It still works!

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Nokia’s Live Event in Abu Dhabi

nokiaIs this the last bunch of devices branded “Nokia”? – The currently finished
Live event has brought up six new devices for us to expect in the near
future. Beginning the sales in the USA, the EMEA will see most of them in
early 2014. So let’s have a close look, what’s coming on to us!

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Nokia goes Apple – Stylewise that is!

It seems as if the Nokia Lumia 920 is a big success. Based on this, Nokia is
most likely presenting a successor completely aluminum-hulled. The only
problem of the aluminum hull might be theGSM/UMTS/LTE signal, NFC
and induction charging. But for now, nothing else is known about the tech.

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Nokia back on track with the Lumia 920?

While many people think, Nokia’s dead, it seems as if Nokia brings up a
new smartphone with Windows 8 Mobile. Slim, sleek and fast, that’s what
the Lumia 920 is said to be. But is the newest phone really the resue for
the already-buried Nokia company?

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The best smartphone ever and Siri

When it comes to Siri, you remember the iPhone 4S introducing this feature.
You can ask Siri any question and most of them are adequately answered.
The question about “Will you marry me” for example is being answered with
“Sorry, but my Terms of use do not cover marriage”.

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