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Apple in the crisis?

When it comes to apple, most of you may think: Innovative manufacturer of
cool gadgets with high potential. A real strong stock market value also has
given you this idea. With the release of the iPhone 5, while the stock market
value per share was 700 US$, nowadays, the value has dropped to 558 US$.

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Zynga looses COO John Schappert

While Zynga has to fight with low business figures of the last quarter, the mana-
gement undergoes another change. John Schappert, who has been acquired
from EA, has left Zynga. As Mark Pincus has limited the competences of John
Schappert, this was the only logical consequence.

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And there it is: Facebook stock drops!

What sceptic stock analysts have expected has now happened: The
facebook stock shares have reached a new all-time low: 24 USD is not
what shareholders have wanted but stagnating member numbers and
an operative loss of USD 157M is not a good sign for high share value!

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Safe harbor: Consumer electronics?

It seems as if Sony also has problems with net profit loss. As the business
year is over now, Sony has announced that the net revenues have again
produced negative figures. Especially the TV sector is pruducing severe
losses. So Sony is taking action and laying off 11’000 people.

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The financial markets again…

So while the financial markets have calmed down since August 2010 when the
swiss national bank has taken action to support the Euro’s stability by putting
the reference exchange value to 1.20 CHF, it seems that new black clouds are
coming ahead to us. The dollar is going to crack the 90Rp.-barrier…

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February 24, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Groupon again with big loss in 2011

As I have already reported about Groupon (a rebate-based shopping site) to go Wall Street,
and stated that Groupon might become one of the bubbles of the internet business, my fears
have partly been confirmed. Groupon has made a total loss of 351 million $. The owner of
Groupon blames international expansion investions for the high operational loss.

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