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A BDay gone wrong…

Well… this BDay has not been of the ones, Justin Bieber wanted to celebrate.
Being in London, he forked out £10.000 for a glamourous party at the
prestige club “Cirque Du Soir”. But when the party was about to start, there
was the first touchdown. Some of his younger friends did not get in.

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Assange, London and the Ecuador Embassy

It seems as if the air’s getting thinner for Julian Assange. In London, the Embassy
of Ecuador is about to be stormed by London authorities to arrest Julian Assange
who is about to be expelled to Sweden where he will be probably forwarded to
the US Authorites for exploting US governmental secrets.

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Olympia, tickets and the money…

Olympia – Everyone has probably heard of it and watched it on TV to
favorize one’s country. What was fun before the millennium is now only
one more frustration when you see how money rules the world actually.
have tickets become available to the worker class to fair prices, it seems…

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Samsung vs. Apple: Apple loses in London

This might be a not-so-good-day for Apple. The London Court has decided
that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab isn’t just a simple copy of Apple’s famous iPad.
But not enough for this: As the judge thought, that a simple financial settle-
ment won’t stop Apple from fighting on, he brought up a special verdict.

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The Galaxy S3 – Unpacking on May, 3rd

Long-awaited and probably the most-feared iPhone-Killer, the Galaxy S3 will
be unpacked and officially presented to the public in Loondon. There are lots
of speculations about the design, equpment and general specifications about
Samsung’s new flagship. However the excitement is still there.

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CES: Full-HD, Quad FullHD, SHV

Okay, you all know about FullHD. Nothing much to explain here. Quad FullHD
with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels is about to come to us (also known as 4k)
BBC and NHK think, that¬†Quad FullHD isn’t satisfying enough for the upcoming
London Olympic games in 2012. SHV (Super Hi-Vision) is the answer!

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Things you’d better not do in public!

Racism, hatred… face it! Wherever you go, there’s at least someone who lives
patriotism the false way. In the following video, I was shocked about a young
woman with child complaining about immigrants and black people in London.
Delicate: She complained in a full suburb train with some black people!

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Apple Event October 2011 – What’s up?

No other event is so desperately awaited than Apple’s Keynote October 2011
that will start right now. Then, Apple will show the upcoming gadgets to the
masses and will introduce you to the new iOS 5 that will also be released with
the new devices and also made available to the older devices.

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