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Ever wanted to see a device charging?

Of course there are devices who have a builtin charging status indicator.
But few to none have an indicator showing the actual power demand when
charging. In this case I am showing you a charging cable that not only
serves as a data cable but also shows the current flow into your device.

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Samsung UE60ES6300: Big TV, small price

When it comes to updates at my place, these are rare when we have to deal
with expenses beyond the 1000 CHF border. So that’s why the upgrade of my
TV set has taken over 6 years in a rather fast common update cycle. Don’t get
me wrong. I am not Mr. Pinchpenny but such expenses are well-considered.

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CES 2013 – The new trends from Samsung

While the CES is open for exhibition on January,8 to January,11 this year
manufacturers from all countries from the entertainment industry are
presenting their newest gadgets to the public. Samsung starts first and shows
it’s newest TV set. Looking like a painting easel, it seems to float in the room.

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LED hits 200lm per watt mark

While light emmiting diodes did not gring up much light in the past, today’s
LEDs have great potential to replace the energy-saving lamps which are in
conflict with a environment-friendly production. As Energy lamps still have
small amounts of toxic mercury and light-emmiting gases inside…

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