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UK and their phobia against privacy

WhatsApp SpyAs you might have already noticed, UK premier Cameron today stated that
encrypted chat tools on either device shall no longer be allowed or they get
banned (in the UK). Okay, the terror act in Paris wasn’t very good either
but using this as a reason to disallow normal people have privacy?

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Wanna travel to france with your PDA?

mib_128Well, since today you’d better reconsider your thoughts and plans. According to
the french government, the french border control has all rights to search your
PDA for evidence (whatever it could be) without prior suspect. As this might
be a serious break with the right of privacy, the experts are alarmed.

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SIM-Unlocking in USA now illegal!

Seems as if cell providers in the USA had it with their “cheating”  customers.
According to a new law that will be active from January 26th 2013, SIM-
unlocking is considered a felony and will be punished after a trial period of
90 days. Penalties of 2500 US$ or even up to multiannual imprisonment!

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Check twice when crossing the U.S. border

Laws can be a real nuisance today. Especially the USA make it almost impossible
NOT to break any law. Even if you don’t know it for sure, you run risk into
breaking the law. So it happened to two men from Seattle, that they broke the law
when being in Canada and buying some treats for their children.

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Germany, No SOPA and the law

SOPA, ACTA and other things that do not correlate with Privacy online.
In Germany another thing actually seems to break one’s privacy. The
changes in Germany’s registration law seem to allow almost unlimited
forwarding of personal info for but not limited to commercial purposes.

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Almost “free” speech…

Unbelievable but true. But it seems as if free speech in the USA gets limited
more and more. As if the USA wouldn’t have enough laws, there’s always
room for one more. This time it’s Middleborough, Massachusetts. A word
as common as other profanities you hear in public for various reasons.

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June 19, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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The German BKA to fail with trojan!

Seems as if the german BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) still has no tool
to tap the encrypted VoIP lines or EMail traffic of Suspects. The trojan horse
“Staatstrojaner” still does not comply with current law specifications and
thus is illegal to use on any private computer yet!

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May 11, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Another setback for SOPA

So anorher early SOPA-Fighter has left the copyright-fanatic army. Paul
Brigner, who has initially been engaged by the music and movie content
industry to enforce the rollout of SOPA, finally turned against it when he got
laid off his position again.

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Apple vs. Samsung – Next fight!

Let’s look back: What happened? Apple has sued Samsung for violating design patents
So Apple won the fight and the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now prohibited until further
notice. Today, it seems as if Samsung vows revenge for this and started suing Apple in
France – also for violating patents in the cell phone transmission sector.

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September 13, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Curiosities… this time the Islam again!

Well, you certainly have heard about the rumors that came up when Switzerland had
their people vote for or against the minaret (the small tower where the Muezzin shouts
of when he calls for the prayers of his landsmen). As the swiss people voted “No” on the
minaret, the whole islamistic union was against Switzerland and the swiss people.

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Apple vs. Fangguo Food…

You may ask now what the heck is going on? Apple against the rest of the
World? If you read articles like this one, you may think exactly the above.
In this case, Apple says, the Logo of the food company looks too similar to
the well-known Apple logo. For me, it looks more similar to the LG logo…

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