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And Star Wars is reachable…

What sounds like a bad joke or a nerd watching too much SciFi series, is
the hard truth. A guided laser system (LaWS as the US Navy calls it) is able
to seek and destroy potential dangerous flying objects. Tested with a drone
the ship burnt the birdie down into the ocean.

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Benq releases laser beamers!

On the ISE 2012 in Amsterdam, Benq will show its brand new laser beamers. With its
revolutionary BlueCore Light Engine, the beamers will have a common durability of
20’000 hours and a light output of approximately 2000 ANSI Lumen. Thus being
able to be used in daylight environment. A contrast of 80’000:1 sounds good too!

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The Look of the iPhone of the future?

Tech news are all about the actual gadgets you can buy in the near future. But tech news
about gadgets that are still future inventions to be yet made, are rather rare. This one
relates to Apple’s most successful cell phone, the iPhone. Not the iPhone 5 that is about
to be released this autumn but rather one of the next generations…

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