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Net surveillance of U.S. Police without court order

mib_128It seems as if the spying on users in the USA is still ongoing and proceeding.
A confidential document has stated, that the FBI has scanned and read
E-Mails of suspected persons without prior notice. That is a severe breach
with privacy. The article is linked here.

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SABAM suing three ISPs in Belgium!

justitia_freiAlthough copyright infringement isn’t okay, the current lawsuit, SABAM
(Société d’Auteurs Belge – Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij) is set
against Belgacom, Telenet and Voo. SABAM underlines that the named ISPs
are responsible for the reducing income of media sales.

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No Two-Strikes-Rules at german ISPs!

It seems as if german internet users still don’t have to fear a two strikes rule as
it is already applied in France or Great Britain. German ISPs don’t want to spy
on their users and inform them about copyright infringement. This seems to be
a severe Drawback for ACTA. Especially 1&1 as the biggest ISP is against it!

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So the truth comes out…

Or how the IFPI wants us to believe why controlling the internet is good. The argument:
Child pornography. And whenever that term is evolved, some sites get on an index of some
ISP’s that block the access in total. So wht’s the most efficient way to take a site down that
publishes copyrighted material? Right: Accuse that site of broadcasting child pornography!

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