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iOS 6.1.3 available – Fix of the leak?

It is now over a month since the security leak is known that allows thieves
On March 6th, 6.1.2 has been released but not adressing the issue yet. Now
iOS 6.1.3 shall do, what two other releases haven’t done yet. Stop access to
sensitive data without having to deal with the device code.

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Apple’s problem with security

Th esecurity hole where you can bypass the security code by dialling an
emergency call number is boggling Apple big time. This video shows how to
test if your device is also affected by the security issue. Even with iOS 6.1.2
the security hole isn’t fixed and I could reproduce the steps on my 4/4S

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The Nokia Lumia 920 – Review

When it comes to Nokia, most of us think of the glorious times, Nokia had
once in the mid to late 90’s with their legendary phones 6110, 6210, 6310
and initially with the communicator series. Also other phones of Nokia were
innovative. With the iPhone release in 2007, the fall of Nokia has begun.

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Google Chrome now available for iOS

So While Apple has kicked out Google Maps from their upcoming iOS6,
it still seems that Apple will have to have Google applications on their
iDevices. As of now, the Google Chrome browser is available for iOS and
probably a concurring product to Apple’s own Safari browser.

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The upcoming iOS6

When it comes to a new iOS version, there’s also a new iDevice on the roll.
In this case, the update could introduce the new iPhone as well. Or maybe
the AppleTV? No one knows for sure but what’s great for those waiting for
the newest iGadgets, can also be great news for those with actual iDevices.

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After the Keynote: iOS 5.1 update

Just few hours after the keynote and the presentation of the new iPad, Apple
has released the new iOS update. While I thought, this might not work by now
the update however finished successfully and in a reasonable time. No long
waiting times for the download and the installation process passed by quickly!

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Apple Event October 2011 – What’s up?

No other event is so desperately awaited than Apple’s Keynote October 2011
that will start right now. Then, Apple will show the upcoming gadgets to the
masses and will introduce you to the new iOS 5 that will also be released with
the new devices and also made available to the older devices.

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HTC – The new source of data leaks?

It seems, the newer phones from this taiwanese manufacturer seem to suffer
from an immense security leak that allows spying on your personal data you
probably want to know safe and sound by any means. It seems, HTC has a
program package installed that allows gathering information out of your…

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iPhone can’t crash? Wrong!

So… The Windows-bashers (a.k.a. Apple-lovers) finally can no longer say that iOS is never
crashing and running without flaws. Yesterday, my iPhone has shown a rather strange
homescreen. It happened after hanging up a phone call. The icons were really disarranged
and not responding when tapping on them. Only a hard reboot finally solved the problem!

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September 22, 2011Netspark 2 Comments »
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iPhone 5 now to be preordered…

Today, the german cell network carrier Telekom has announced that they offer
their loyal customers a preorder ticket to get their hands on the new awaited
iPhone 5. All signs point to October 2011 where the new smartphone shall hit
the stores. You can forecast one thing for sure: It will be sold out for months!

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