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Spigen Glass tr.Nano SLIM – Review

SpigenLogoWhen it comes to screen protection for mobile gadgets, you’ll find yourself
on a market where thousands of companies try to get your attention.  One
of them is Spigen who were able to get mine. Hardened glass that’s ultrathin
yet scratch-resistant and easy to install. Big words or reality?

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When Windows Phone asks for a CD…

…or: “Hey Windows, you know what you’re running on, eh?”. When a user
tried to flash the ROM of his Windows smartphone, the phone suddenly asked
for an installation media. The problem is: Windows 8 comes on a DVD. So how
do you get a DVD recognized by the smartphone?

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Microsoft, quo vadis?

It’s just been a month since Windows 8 is released but there are already some
oddities, you don’t expect from Redmond. However it seems as if Microsoft
is following a weird trend as Apple has shown before. Now you may ask what
I am babbling about? Well, buy yourself a new notebook with Windows 8.

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November 23, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Windows 8: Acceptance by now

Windows 8, also known as “Metro” is about to launch in less than a month.
Time for some news portals to make a comparison of the pre-launch
acceptance. And according to that, it looks rather grim for Windows 8.
So what’s the actual acceptance factor of Windows 8 compared to Seven?

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AMD Vision Engine Control Center

AMD has a nice driver structure. The driver installs fine on a clean system and
provides you with a lot of controls over your graphics hardware. But once you
start updating your graphics driver (as the Control Center tells you to do) upon
notification, you may run into deep trouble. Happened to me again just today…

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