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Detroit has declared bankruptcy!

DollarStacksDetroit has hard financial times ahead. So hard, that Detroit has finally
applied for ordered bankruptcy according to Chapter 13 of the United
States bankruptcy code. This means, the city is undergoing an ordered
reorganization of the finances in order to get up to shape again.

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GB to censor the web!

So it’s official! Five big providers have been forced by the High Court of Great
Britain to lock access to the famous Pireate bay site, a site containing links to
torrent files that allow establishing network links to a specific file among
various clients. An example for de-centralized file distribution.

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Samsung got spied out on OLED

As it got official, Samsung Display Corp. was victim of industry leakage.
A worker from an competitor has sent out information about the OLED
Production process at Samsung. For 170.000 dollars the spy has given
valuable information about OLED production to the rival company.

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Industry’s delight: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, the day, where many men promise to spend the day with their dairling.
But also the industry is waiting for this day. Not only Christmas seems to be a cash cow
of the modern society. Also Valentine’s day appears to be of great importance for the
present industry. tons of flowers, lots of jewellery and tons of valentine cards are handed.

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