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The feeling of a train hitting you

videoThis guy caught the idea of filming an ICE3 (Deutsche Bahn) passing by at
300 km/h (186 mph), According to his shout-out I guess the wind wave that
hit him was somewhat strong! But despite the fact of a heavy wind striking
you I guess it’s really dangerous! Do not try this for yourself!

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When Ice meets frozen floor…

The winter is sort of strange. The temperatures are barely below zero degrees
celsius and thus it is raining black ice. What males it so dangerous, is the fact
that you don’t expect extreme weather conditions. But what looks like rain,
quickly turns into a thick shell of ice. The result: Extremely slippery floors.

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Munich, here I am! Again!

Time to spend a weekend in Munich again, with my friends. So it’s again the
good ol’ train that will rock me there in 6 hours. Hopefully! But my fears
were without a reason. The travel worked fine. Going from Bern to Basel
Departing in time from there… had a 6 minutes Delay in Freiburg…

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The decay of the North pole…

This topic has been issued many times on different tv shows, natural science
broadcasts, other media and the like. The problem is, that we cannot deny
the continuous decay of our arctc glaciers as they are reducing in size day
by day. The videos below show in what dimensions the glaciers decay…

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Very nasty wakeup call

You probably do not want to get awake like this. But for the gal of this guy it seems rather
normal to wake him up with kinda strange methods.
I, myself would not want to be woke up like this!

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