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Videofile conversion

under_constructionIt’s time, to bring the embedded video files up to code again.
As FLV seems not to be well-embeddable these days, I decided
to re-encode all previously embedded files to MP4 and have them
played back with a more modern MP4 video player based upon HTML5.

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April 7, 2016Netspark No Comments »
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IE 11 Preview Release

IE10LogoUsually I am critic against beta and preview Releases of system-near software
Since I have used IE10 for a while now and can clearly state that it is running
good on Windows 7, the new Preview release of IE11 made me have a look.
Just to take it away ahead: IE 11 seems to come closer to all other Browsers.

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September 19, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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