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Downed railway gates have a reason!

videoSome people think, a railway gate that is down, still invites for trespassing.
Tough luck when the nearing train is so near that you get hit by it. But the
real tough luck is, when a second train is arriving. In this hit’n’run, a
woman tried to outrun the police for unknown reason.

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Why CCTV isn’t all bad!

When you think of CCTV the first thought is mostly of total control!
In the following video it is the medium to get a rogue taxi driver behind
bars. So what happened? A passenger of a taxi driver stated that he
wants to stop the ride when the taxometer reaches 6 pounds.

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Is this, what our society will soon be?

This really shocking video comesĀ  from Foshan, China. In midst of a shopping strip, a
two years old girl is walking on the street. The driver of a small van however did not
see the girl or ignored her for whatever reason. He probably heard a damped thump
and stopped. But then he drove off leaving the severely hurt girl to her fate!

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