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Oh, sweet jimminee. – 2 TB at it’s smallest!

SAMSUNGOnce more it seems as if the end of HDD isn’t reached yet. Have we stated,
that Western Digital has brought out a 12.5mm HDD with 2TB capacity.
Now it seems as if Samsung (also part of HGST/WD now…) has managed
to squeeze 2 TB into a 9.5mm high HDD case which is just amazing.

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WD&HGST deploy 9.5mm 1.5TB HDD

HGST_Logo.svgSince the demand for more and more data space is ever so high, HGST
and Western Digital seem to have an answer for that issue also. As of
June 2013, customers will be able to fit 9.5mm high HDDs at 2.5″ form
factor into their low-profile notebook and still benefit from 1.5 TB!

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HGST raises the storage density

HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), which became a division of
Western Digital in March 2012, has announced that SAS-based server disks
in the 2,5″ form factor section have now a capacity of 1200 GB which equals
a doubling of space to the actual maximum capacity disks available.

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