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To sin or not to sin: 4K for Windows?

uhd-logoFor some years, FullHD was the sufficient resolution  for many areas
of entertainment, be it PC gaming, TV or console gaming. the PC
community however has evolved faster than the others and soon
2560×1600 became state of the art, also called 3K.

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The IFA berlin, 4K and no material

The International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin is open
and showing the latest inventions of various technical gadgets from many
companies. Once being held for Television, Video and radio, the IFA also
deals with IT products and Multimedia apart from common radio/video.

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Toshiba ZL2 – Yummy!

The IFA 2011 in Berlin (a famous german annual expo for new hifi and video devices)
brought up a new beauty concerning 3D TV. What has been limited to Asia before finally
seems to hit stores in Europe also. The Toshiba ZL2 is not only a glasses-free 3D TV, it
also supports Quadruple-HD (3840×2160) resolution.

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