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AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – NVidia Killer

AMDVisionAMD fights back… and seems to be successful. While NVidia is currently
promoting it’s TITAN Z series GPU (2x Titan Black), AMD goes ahead with
a dual 295X GPU card. The tremendous heat dissipation of 500 watts is
managed by a pre-mounted watercooling solution from Asetek.

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Weird names and the problems

WeirdNamesNot only can unspeakable names cause trouble during communication but
also when it comes to official documents that simply don’t have enough
space to write out an entire surname. In this case, a 54 years old woman
from Hawaii had to deal with the very same problem for years.

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Details about the Radeon 8xxx series

AMDVisionAMD has shown a detailed block diagram of it’s newest GPU family. So does
the “Volcanic Islands” family with “Hawaii” as the flagship GPU comes with
4096 Stream units on 16 computing units. With 256 texture units, 64 ROPs,
assisted from 4GB RAM with 512bit interface, the speed my raise significantly.

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Fascinating volcanoes…

Today I stumbled over an article in 20 Minutes, showing a volcano on Hawaii.
Being very active the rather flat landside allows a spectacular view. As far as
the article states, there’s no danger for the local citizen. Also airplanes (if they
fly over this area) are not endangered as there’s no almost no ash cloud present…

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