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Doing a shit at 88 kmph?

movie-iconWhy not? Colin Furze has finalized what no other has done before. He
built the world’s fastest mobile toilet. Not a camper toilet. No, a real on!
Complete with toilet paper holder, an automatic water flush and paper
holder. 16 HP are accelerating the fast shitter to 88 kmph!

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When 1180kg steel & wheel learn to fly

The hunt for world records is always active. And Hot Wheels seems to see
the Guinness Book Of World Records as a good marketing instrument.
In this video, wou’ll witness the World record for a 4wheeled quad doing
a corkscrew spin using a specially slanted ramp.

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The nature and the Guinness World Records

The nature always has some strange yet spectacular things to offer. One of them
might grow on the hands of Chris Walting, a 45-years-old female singer from
Las Vegas. She has officially entered the Guinness Book Of Records when she
had her nails measured in New York. Her nails have grown for 18 years now!

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