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AMD Radeon R9 295X2 – NVidia Killer

AMDVisionAMD fights back… and seems to be successful. While NVidia is currently
promoting it’s TITAN Z series GPU (2x Titan Black), AMD goes ahead with
a dual 295X GPU card. The tremendous heat dissipation of 500 watts is
managed by a pre-mounted watercooling solution from Asetek.

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Details about the Radeon 8xxx series

AMDVisionAMD has shown a detailed block diagram of it’s newest GPU family. So does
the “Volcanic Islands” family with “Hawaii” as the flagship GPU comes with
4096 Stream units on 16 computing units. With 256 texture units, 64 ROPs,
assisted from 4GB RAM with 512bit interface, the speed my raise significantly.

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AMD to release the Radeon HD7990?

While NVidia has thrown in their Geforce Titan, which settles a new record
in graphics performance for a single card, AMD now seems to try catching
up and according to a report on Fudzilla, the new “Malta” core, formerly
known as “New Zealand”. shall bring AMD back to the top.

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Intel Core i7-3930K LC and ASUS

When it comes to hardware for computers, the first questions are: How
much dough to spend and what will I get for it. Now it is true that there are
many hardware testing magazines online which take time to analyze the new
hardware parts for you upon suitability for your project.

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The fight for the fastest GPU – once more!

While AMD has already some High-End GPUs on the market, NVidia’s top
speed card, the NVidia GeForce 690GTX still is using the “old” structure
size for it’s die. The Radeon HD7990 for example builds on the 28nm struc-
ture, while the 690GTX uses the Kepler GPU based on the 32nm structure.

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February 13, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 first with 8-core SoC?

Just as the first quadcore devices hit stores for everyone, Samsung’s plans
leaked that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 could be one of the first mobile
devices equipped with an 8-core CPU. Natively we speak of two 4-core CPUs
as octocore SoCs are not yet available or designed to a working state.

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The Top500 2012 – The winner is: TITAN

Supercomputer are mostly one’s nation to show, we can compute numbers
as fast as possible. While last year, the fastest supercomputer was situated
in Asia, it is now again situated in the USA. The Oak Ridge National
Laboratory has built up and finally activated the fastest supercomputer.

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Early April’s Fool?

When thinking about GPU, one has only one thing in mind. When does the
next generation GPU come out and how will it outwit it’s predecessors?
According to some ideas of the EU, GPU classes determine how much power
they’re allowed to consume. There are seven classes of GPUs.

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AMD back in race again?

It seems as if the new southern island GPUs are right on track when you read first reviews
about them. My favourite GPU test site Guru3D has checked on these and even managed
to do a Crossfîre scaling test with the new 7970 GPU. The results are promising and it
seems that the power consumption has been held in place or even dropped a little.

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Intel to produce in 22nm in Q2 2012

It seems as if the next-gen CPUs of Intel will be lithographed in 22nm structure size. Also
a new technology, called tri-gate transistors will be introduced. Instead of flat transistors
new three-dimensional gates will be used instead. With this technology, smaller structures
annd more transistor switches per mm² Die area are possible.

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