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And my notebook goes Giga-WLAN…

Remember my post about Gigabit WLAN (a.k.a. WLAN 802.11ac standard)?
The problem was that I couldn’t get hands on a gigabit adapter to connect with
802.11ac standard. But already the a/b/g/n performance is already freaking!
272 MBit/s is possible with the builtin WLAN of my notebook. Fast already.

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WLAN soon to be much faster

Where most of the home WLAN devices still work with 802.11b/g/n reaching
theoretical speeds of up to 450MBit/s and 900MBit/s using MIMO techiques,
802.11ac with its 1300MBit/s is just approaching and first devices are available.
802.11ad as ne standard will allow 7 GBit/s using a 60GHz frequency band.

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