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New Simcity – A gameplay strategy video

It’s not much time now until the new SimCity (SimCity 5?) gets released.
This new video shows more and more how the new SimCity is played.
Looks very promising and I hope they’ll get it done until the currently
planned release date (February 2013).

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WoW: Mists of Pandaria – The trouble starts

So there we have the launch of the new addon. Exactly at midnight, Blizzard
activates the quest NPC who allows you to enter the new lands of Pan-
daria. However the euphorism is dampened soon when coming to the NPC
where an estimated 1000 players are also waiting to activate the quest.

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News from SimCity 5

Earlier this year I have wrote an article about Maxis to release Simcity 5.
It seems as if Maxis has shown more and more details to this game on the
E3 Game Convention in Los Angeles and also stated the release date to
roughly February 2013. With this post, some more videos are now online!

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Diablo III, Inferno and frustration

You probably know this very well. You’re on Inferno difficulty and hitting Act 2.
But as soon as you start wandering the desert fields and running into champion
groups, you find yourself being slain very quickly although your equipment
is good. yet it seems as if Blizzard has risen the difficulty to an unhealthy level.

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