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And the new XBox will be presented…

Xbox-logoThe new XBox is a long-awaited successor for the already aged XBox 360.
While Sony has already presented details for the PS4 and Nintendo
brought the WiiU to the gamers last christmas, Microsoft is a bit on the
slow line and has to show something now.

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When FullHD meets smartphone

When we speak of superlatives about displays, the iPhone is no longer the
number one as other smartphone manufacturers have already brought out
devices which support FullHD on their screen (1920×1080). The first ones
came with a 5″ display, the new HTC one shrinks to 4.7″.

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Sharp shows 5″ FullHD display

When it comes to sharp displays,one thinks of Apple’s famous Retina display.
In fact, the Retina display has a pixel density of 326ppi. Sharp however has
now increased this already sensational pixel density and produced a 5 inch
display capable of FullHD resolution. That’s a whopping 443ppi.

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Asus Zenbook U500VZ

ASUS is one of my favourite brands when it’s about computer peripherals.
During the IFA in Berlin, ASUS took opportunity to present (amongst
other nice goodies) their newest creation of Ultrabooks. Okay, Ultrabooks
aren’t something spectacular today because almost every brand has one.

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Huawei soon to be sued by Apple?

Although I really appreciate other manufacturers to come up with good alter-
atives to Apple’s new iPad, I still fear that some manufacturers seem to seek
for the thrill of being sued by Apple for design patent violations. The newest
tablet from Huawei, the MediPad FHD seems to make no exception here.

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