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Magistratus corruptibus in Tel Aviv

Unbelievable: What looks like a plot for “Hidden camera: Fun with you” is in
fact the bitter truth for a clerk in Tel Aviv who parked her car on a free
parking lot. However the city authority of Tel Aviv was a bit consternated
about her parking there and decided to make her an official parking violator.

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A reason why ebay stinks… again!

So ebay has changed it’s logo after 17 years. But that’s not all: The fees for
an auction are risen also. So while the max capping for an auction was 45
euros, it’s now 75 Euros. The fee for a successful auction is 9% of the bid
price. An item sold for 100 Euros for example has a fee of 9 Euros.

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Scareware-payment-service provider fined!

Scareware. A little nasty program telling you that your computer has
problems, where none are really. In most cases it’s better to trust Anti-Virus
pioneers and some system fixing software (some of them are even freeware!)
to determine your PC’s status.

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To be an iPad or not to be!

When it comes to new gadgets, many people go crazy and tend to do stupid
things. One of them for sure is buying tech gadgets for an incredibly low
price that is hardly covering the real hardware price. The mild variation
is that you get a piracy product that is lacking features of the original.

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