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Don’t mess with Google – You’ll loose!

Mess with the best, die like the rest. In today’s case, this is what Google could
have said to the french government that has planned a fee for linking to
media sites containing multimedia and press content. France has just dis-
cussed such a fee as Germany already has set up plans for the government.

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Not only asian TV shows are odd!

If you think, only asian TV shows are odd, then this video may froove that
also french TV shows can be such fun. A weird guy held on a leash seems to get
“in touch” with Miss France. while she’s at a question to answer. the reaction
of her however is priceless when the guy seemd to reach his goal…

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Italy in very deep financial crisis!

A rough day for the Euro is coming ahead. Within 10 days the currency will
again face a very rough wind as Italy has announced that it will probably need
400 billion(!) Euro out of the rescue bond. This is more than double the money
Greece has claimed! So what will be the result out of this?

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Standard&Poors made big mistake

Today, Standard&Poors have discredited France for a while by taking their top rating AAA
and downgrading it to AA. According to Standard&Poors, this was the result of a technical
issue where an automated system did not report proper values for France related to its
actual credit rating. France itself has started investigating in this case also.

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The next bubble will burst…

…or let’s say, 10 bitter facts, why the U.S. economy is still in big trouble. The U.S.
economy is by far more in debt as most of the people want to believe. Unemployment
is above 20% when you bring in the long-term unemployed. Myret Zaki has stated 10
facts that proove to her that the worst is yet to come.

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France and it’s government’s odd plans

Well, taxes are good for all kinds of things for the public to be financed. So that
everyone takes his part in the Finance, he has to pay taxes, taxes like V.A.T.
income tax, tax on alcoholic beverages, tax on tobacco, gambling, social tax
and all other taxes you may be aware of.

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